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Fisher F19 Review


Hello all, I went today for a few hours to try out an area that I have detected with the Gold Bug® Pro in the past. I was using the F19Ltd and wanted to see what differences there were between the two units. I was told that the F19Ltd had been tweaked a bit on sensitivity and discrimination. I found this to be true, a subtle difference, but a difference. It seems to me that the signal is a bit softer on any target with the F19Ltd than with the GB Pro. I have been setting the gain on the GB Pro at 11 o'clock to settle down the sensitivity. With the F19Ltd that I can set the gain at the 1 o'clock position and get a bit more sensitivity with no chatter at all.

With headphones the F19Ltd ran very nice with the gain set at the maximum level. I found both pieces without the aid of headphones and I had no problem hearing either one of them. The smaller piece was about an inch deep while the other piece was about three inches deep.

 I like the fact that because of the camo color while I am out in the woods nobody will even see that I have a detector.  LOL. The F19Ltd comes stock with the ten inch elliptical coil which is my preference. The coil is also a camo color.

I will be using the F19Ltd in an upcoming trip to Nevada later this week so I will give a more in depth report when I return.

The gold "in the hand" is what my partner found with the GB Pro/ten inch coil. He was detecting just a short way from where I was located. I wanted to put the F19 over ground that has been detected hard.